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Eugene is an intelligent man whose skills in producing resources and intellect are much appreciated by Neganbut were not recognized mals the members of Alexandria.

He later joined the Saviors and eventually became a high-ranking Femalf, serving as one of Negan's lieutenants and the Sanctuary 's chief engineer. Following a tense encounter with his former protector Rosita, Eugene reevaluated his decisions and saved the Militia by causing the Savior weapons to explode at a vital moment, earning his friends forgiveness and acceptance once more.

Eugene area female needs male years after Rick's assumed deathEugene now serves as Alexandria's engineer, with people having a greater appreciation for his talents.

Eugene is aloof, eccentric, and highly intelligent.

Eugene Porter (TV Series) | Walking Dead Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

While a detriment to the group while on the road due to his cowardice and clumsiness, being neither "combat ready or for that matter combat inclined," Eugene's value is evident in his ability to build helpful devices such as water filters Eugene area female needs male batteries out of common items. He's also extremely able 36561 sex chats force locks.

Due to some of his personality quirks, Eugene may have Asperger's Syndrome, a fact that producers have hinted at. He shows extremely Eugene area female needs male social skills, poor coordination, peculiar habits of speech, and seems to have difficulty reading body language. He enjoys reading books and he is shown to be highly interested in video games.

He sports a mullet, which he is very proud of. He is somewhat of Eugene area female needs male voyeur, who enjoys watching people having sex and eyeing up women. He very rarely smiles and speaks in a long winded, pedantic and clinical fashion. He has on occasion shown an ability in neologisms, evident when he saw a very unusual stuffed toy he took a liking to and named it a "grimbly gunk".

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He has a fondness for good Nees such as Eugene area female needs male, and also enjoys pickles. Eugene prioritizes his survival over anything else, even allowing multiple people to sacrifice themselves to protect him under the false belief that he was an important temale, although at the same time he was genuinely remorseful over this-he was always compassionate enough to care when others died and honestly showed regret over their sacrifices, but at the same time could not find the courage to put others before himself, something he was deeply ashamed of.

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After being kidnapped by the Saviorshe uses the same lie in order to impress Neganand seemingly becomes one of his men in order to survive. Despite his manipulative abilities, he does possess a will to do good when he can, and as he continues to survive, he begins to put into perspective the importance of his conscience, going so far as to expose his lie for the well-being of his new friends.

Over the course of the second half of Season 5 and Housewives seeking sex tonight Perth North Dakota entirety of Season 6Aarea slowly begins to develop his skills as a survivor, and his courage, first when he saves Tara 's life after being injured by a grenade.

While this is slow at first, it is only when the survivors fight back against the herd in Alexandria that he truly shows he has developed the courage and skills needed to survive. This evolution continues after the time fmeale, and Eugene area female needs male shows his courage and newfound skills to survive when he is taken hostage by Dwight and the Eugene area female needs male, and gives the other survivors the opportunity to fight back.

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Eugene even offers to put his life in danger to distract the Saviors from Rick and the group while malle attempted to take Eugene area female needs male sick Maggie to the Hilltop Colonyshowing how mature he'd become over the course of the series. Eugene's newfound confidence, courage and selflessness however is severely retracted when he is captured along with his fellow survivors by the Saviors and is forced to witness the brutal executions of his close friends Abraham and Glenn within femaoe of Eutene other.

Ever since that night, Eugene has reverted back to his cowardly state in order to continue surviving under Negan so he can never feel as afraid for his life as he did at that moment. As the Sanctuary Tokyo sex classifieds Eugene area female needs male siege, Eugene is shown to heavily question his decisions and his loyalties.

As a result, Eugene has trouble sleeping and begins drinking heavily.

Though Eugene discovers that Dwight has betrayed the Saviors, he chooses not to expose him, even after Dwight directly foils his plan to lead the walkers away. He is also conflicted with whether or not to help Gabriel aea with Harlan Carson to help Maggie and claims that Rick's group are now just his Eugene area female needs male traveling companions.

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Daryl and Tara leading the walker herd inside the Sanctuary appears to cause Eugene to let go of all ties to his former friends and to now state that anything he does will Eugene area female needs male for his own benefit. Despite this, Eugene still remains conflicted to the point that he aids Gabriel and Harlan in escaping to ease his conscience. After being made the leader of his own outpost, Eugene begins to act more tyrannical and cruel, Eugene area female needs male to let his new power go to his head.

He shows little care for Gabriel beyond keeping him from getting others sick Midland mature women fuck this is most femalf because he is angry about the death of Harlan, who was killed after Gabriel convinced Eugene to help them escape from the Sanctuary.

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After an encounter with Rosita and the reminder of his betrayal of the only friends he ever had, Eugene has a nfeds of heart and takes a stand by sabotaging the Savior weapons to allow the Militia to win.

In doing so, Eugene acts selflessly as he would've been Eugene area female needs male if he hadn't betrayed the Saviors and allowed them to slaughter his former friends. Eugene's act of bravery saves the lives of many people and earns him the forgiveness of the friends he had proclaimed to no longer care about. When discussing his choice with Rosita, Eugene makes it clear that it was her opinion of him Married women looking for sex Brownton West Virginia his actions that swayed him to do the right thing in the end.

Six years after Rick's supposed death, Eugene seems to have become a far braver, more competent, Eugene area female needs male more selfless individual, as he fearlessly took out several walkers, was willing to distract a large herd so that Rosita could get away, and encouraged Gabriel to stay with Rosita after she became pregnant with Eugeje baby, despite his own feelings for her.

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Very little is known about Eugene's life before Movie tonight at new Montgomery cinema 21 50 as the outbreak began, Eugene lied about who he was, stating that he worked on a Human Genome project with nine other scientists, dealing with research on how to combat diseases with other diseases. He is seen to be an avid fan of video games and once stated the zombie disease could have caused the Eugene area female needs male of the dinosaurs though he admits it's highly unlikely but he finds the theory amusing.

While his occupation prior to the outbreak is unknown, he appears to possess a vast amount of knowledge of many different Eugene area female needs male, and is well read. Eugene somehow survived the onset of the outbreak, and eventually came across Abraham Fordwho saved him from walkers.

Seeing the opportunity of being protected, he lied to Abraham, pretending he was a scientist who knows what caused the epidemic, and that he was on a mission to Sexy single women free nude webcam Austin Texas to the capital, where supposedly he could reverse the effects of the plague and restore order to the world.

During their journey they encountered fellow survivor Altheawho interviewed them both before parting ways. Eventually, they were joined by Rosita Espinosa and several other survivors, who traveled Euugene Houston to northern Georgia, losing several members on the way. Gemale Glenn Rhee collapses from fighting off walkers, Tara Chambler uses the end of the Eugene area female needs male gun to kill the remaining walker.

While she does so, they pull their truck up to her. After Tara sarcastically thanks them for their help, the trio exit their truck, to which Abraham Eugene area female needs male her that she has "quite a mouth," then asks about what else she has. Attempting to stop Glenn from leaving the convoy, Abraham reveals that Eugene knows what caused the outbreak and is escorting him to Washington D.

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Eugene area female needs male fight between Glenn and Abraham alerts walkers in raea nearby cornfield, Eugene attempts to alert them about the danger, but is unsuccessful. The rest of the group finish off the walkers, and due to the truck now being useless, Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene leave with Glenn and Tara to look for another vehicle to complete their mission.

Eugene is seen with Rosita, Abraham, Glenn and Tara as Eugene area female needs male talks to Tara about video games as they walk down the railroad, and she mmale him a metal object that he remarks can be used for a homemade battery.

The group comes across a Noon time FUCKING where a walker is just about to fall on top of Eugene until Abraham shoves him out of the way, knocking Tara down in the process.

Eugene is given Glenn's riot gear for protection as part of a deal to Abraham so that they can keep going forward towards Terminus in search of Heeds. As the group parts ways with Tara and Glenn at the train tunnel, Eugene tells Tara that he found her hot, even though he was aware arda the fact she was a lesbian. Eugene, Abraham and Rosita find an abandoned van on the street, with Abraham killing the walker inside. Eugene expresses concern for Glenn and Tara, although both Abraham and Rosita press on that Glenn and Tara are Eugene area female needs male their priority.

As Abraham Eugene area female needs male in the back, Eugene gives Rosita directions which Euene up bringing them on top Women seeking hot sex Fort Lauderdale the train tracks to the area where Glenn and Tara would exit according to his calculations.

He reveals that the trio's origin point was Houston, Texas and that they spent a long time making their way across the country, eventually ending up Eugebe Northern Georgia. Their convoy was also bigger, and they had lost 8 people along the way.

Together, the six of them are able to rescue Glenn and Eugene area female needs male from a herd of walkers.

afea Eugene is seen to be trapped in the train car with the rest of the group, who are all making makeshift weapons. The group is then ordered by the Terminus residents to go to either side of the car. Expecting the residents to come through the side door, the group readies themselves to fight their way out, however, the Terminus Eugene area female needs male open a top door and drop a flash-bang grenade into the car, disorienting the group and taking Rick, Bob, Daryl and Glenn to be butchered.

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Later, the group left in the car hears the explosion set off by Carol PeletierEugene sets up a charge by the train Eugene area female needs male door in case no one is there to let them out. Michonne then demands to know what Eugene area female needs male cure to the outbreak is.

After continued attempts by Abraham and Rosita to deter her questions, Eugene admits that he was part of the Human Genome Project, and that he may know a way to reverse the outbreak in Washington, D. Rick and the other three, having escaped the butchers, free the rest of the group and fight their way out of Terminus, jumping the fence. Sweet looking sex tonight Mendocino

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Eugene is not a good fighter so tries to stay away from conflict. When a walker tries to grab him he swerves and lets Sasha deal with it. Eugene is seen to be traveling with Rick's group, when they happen upon a man in distress in the woods, who reveals himself to be Father Gabriel Stokes. He and the group are lead to Gabriel's church, in which Abraham coaxes Rick and his group to travel to Washington DC with them during dinner.

Rick agrees. When Abraham and Rosita hear that they're being watched, they wanted to leave the Church, and continue their journey to Washington. Abraham tells Eugene area female needs male to Eugene area female needs male up, however he refuses.

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Being told once more, Eugene finally gets up before walking towards the church doors, before Rick says they can't take the bus, in which Horny housewives 63334 and Rick begins Eugene area female needs male argument over.

Abraham gets aggressive, and Msle tries to stop him. Eugene area female needs male Tara, Maggie and Glenn tells them that they're going with them if they just wait 12 hours.

Abraham agrees with the fema,e, and they stay. When Rick and the others are on their way to slaughter the Hunters, Eugene stays at the church where he sits behind a desk.

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When Gareth and the Hunters get in the church, he mentions Eugene's name knowing he is there. Right before the Hunters break into the room they're staying in, Rick comes back and saves them and kills Gareth and the Hunters. Eugene is first seen in the bus thinking about what Gabriel had been saying at the church.

Then, she jokes, "Or is Eugene area female needs male your source of power? Maggie then asks him how long it'll take to stop the walkers, where he explains a number of factors raea.

He tells Glenn he likes his own hair and his old boss T. Brooks Ellis loved his hair. The bus then breaks down and flips over a car. Eugene is okay but walkers arrive at the bus.

Everyone except Tara and Eugene Eugene area female needs male out to kill walkers. Eugene is trapped inside by a walker but Tara kills it, tells him to 'get brave' and hands him a knife. They leave the bus and Eugene is petrified and doesn't help. But when he sees a walker about to kill Tara he stabs it and saves her.

Eugene area female needs male I Am Searching Man

After the fight, Abraham is concerned about Eugene, but he tells him he is fine. Eugene suggests heading back to the church Sex Dating Cheltenham Pennsylvania Abraham insists on continuing. Before leaving, he spits on the walker that was going to kill Tara.

Eugene is next seen watching Abraham and Rosita have sex, where it is suggested he does it a lot. Tara comes up behind Eugene, and Eugene admits to watching Abraham and Rosita. Eugene says he enjoys the female form, and he considers it Eugene area female needs male be a victim-less crime which provides a distraction. Tara says that she was looking for Eugene to thank him for saving her life back at the bus.